Mimic chest drop rate summarization thread

that multi-counter app looks kinda neat, thank you for showcasing it :smiley:

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A little update after another batch of 1000 boss chests

If both batches put together:
mimic total
Looks like I’m a bit on a lowish side of 10%/10%

And this is when I put current contributions in one picture:


Your second batch of a 1000 is indeed a bit unlucky it seems :pensive: thanks for the combined sheet

My data dump of 1000 chests, in case anyone cares:

1000 chests - 111 mimics - 10 hoard mimics

My worst streaks were:
55 chests to get a mimic
21 mimics to get a hoard (252 boss chests opened in that streak)


Hard to believe it took me almost 2 months to open 500 more chests. I’ve grown fairly tired of farming e12. Anyway, here are the results:


One more batch of 1000 boss chests from me

And updated chart with all contributions so far (changes - 1000 new chests from me, 800 new chests from eXDe, added chests from crisp)


How much of a bad luck is my latest batch of 1000?
Mimic chests were going as usual (with intermittent empty spells followed by multiple chests in close succession), but those hoard mimic chests…I though I’d stop counting for a moment, but now that final 1000 compels me to continue and see what happens next.

And a small update to total (3000 new chests between myself and eXDe).