Midnight Syndicate Recruit

Midnight Syndicate looking for active members. Send your ID to my Xbox name DevilSquirrel69 because ppl troll on here.

League: Silver 2
League Rank: 990
Rank: 4
Positions: 2/13
Bonus: fire 1, magic 4, wind 3, earth 1

Thank you and have fun

Hey I have a New Guild myself Called Sin of History, and I would very much like it if you joined we only 8 members and only just started a few weeks ago .we are also trying to rise up to number one so why not we work together and join up , if you want. (: P.s i sent you a message on Xbox :video_game: one so we can stay in touch :blush: . My tag is GANGSTA KILLER7

Hey Josh!

I’m very interested. I’m new to the game but am already addicted. I’m level 22 and I play multiple times, daily. I’m getting bored of these inactive guilds and I’m looking for one that is willing to put the work into it as I am. Please let me know if you’re still looking. My tag is Hysterria13 on xbox one and my invite code is HYSTERRIA_PJ2E

Updated please look above for new stats