Join Guild Sin of History

Join Guild Sin of History / message me at my Gamertag GANGSTA KILLER7 / Try to send me your invite codes if you can. We, are Friendly And Fast growing. We are active and have helpful leaders that could assist with any questions you may have.we will be glad to have you.

thank you for the invite I absolutely love the clan.

What level are you guys? We are currently 400ish. We are looking for other guilds to disband and come join us. We currently have 9/22 players. Cheers! :smile:

Come on sapphira. Try to make theese kind of proposals when you hit first fifty :). When you hit first 30 u can try to get me as well. I promose i think about it then :slight_smile:

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Hilarious… It’s not my fault the guild recruitment is ridiculous on this game. If I have to, I’ll patrol the forums looking for people, not much else I can do.

You can Disband your guild and join us (:

:slight_smile: wisely spoken. And here is the question what do you want to achieve with your guild. If u want to have fun only stay in your guild if not if you are interested in fighting for first place you should do the math and join other guild. The earlier the better because later it will be harder because of sentiment and all the trophies you achieve. But for god sake dont join guild that isnt in first 50 because u will live your nightmare once again. Long ago (month) i disbanded my guild and joined birch team - the wisest decision in the game except throwing out flesh golem from any squad :slight_smile: when you decide u are always welcome for both sides good :slight_smile:

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I’d like to join - ALIEN 9 is invite code

No thanks. We have 10/23 now and we’re coming up. I don’t believe you guys will be #1, unfortunately, so maybe you should heed your own advice :stuck_out_tongue: Last time I checked y’all didn’t even have a full roster and someone is 2000 trophies ahead of you :wink: cheers!

It says does not exist Alien are you sure your code is correct


I could be mistaken, but you might need to add an underscore. (ALIEN_9)
Of course, that’s assuming it’s similar to the PC/Mobile version.