Guild Sin of History


Join Guild Sin of History / message me at my Gamertag GANGSTA KILLER7 / Try to send me your invite codes if you can. We, are Friendly And Fast growing. We are active and have helpful leaders that could assist with any questions you may have.we will be glad to have you.


What platform is your guild on?


Xbox :video_game: one


all are welcome. Guild is fun and growing. come join us have fun and help us grow


they are really bunch of fine gamers. one of my favourite teams in the game :slight_smile:


thank you demo! i appreciate your fine words. happy times and good luck to you


Thanks Bro :blush:


would like to welcome our two newest members :slight_smile: We still have plenty of spots so if you are new to the game and wanting to join a new motivated guild that works together is friendly, active, and fun come join us and have a great time! the guild members regularly talk and socialize on xbox chat so headsets are preferred! GL and happy gaming


welcome bubby to the guild! hope you enjoy! still plenty of slots to fill all are welcome


we have gained 3 new players this week! come help us build our great guild faster! guild requirements… have fun and help each other


welcome zorr hope you enjoy the guild!!


still looking for members we have plenty of slots open and all are welcome! you can send me a private message here or to my xbox tag DEATH82nd with your invite code. Have a great day