Method to boost interest in weekly PvP by adding different competitions

A method that could be easily implemented, while boosting the actual activity within guilds, would be to give a weekly reward based upon your weekly guild ranking. The top 5 players in each guild could get keys and Arcane Traitstone

First place = Event key(s)
Second place = Event key(s)
Third place = Gem Key(s)
You get the point.

Traitstones could also be added as a reward. To ensure that all are given a chance, could limit winning the top spot to once per week/month, etc.

I would also like to see a progressive difficulty event. Every battle increases slightly in difficulty (starting with your team strength), with rewards fitting the difficulty.

This could benefit all equally, as difficulty would be based upon your current team strength.

Also, I am sure many would welcome a new LIVE PVP event. Head to head with a 5-10 second time limit per move. Or true head to head…simultaneous moves!