New PVP Mode Request

I would like a new PvP mode that has color restrictions and plays similar to GW with a loot system like explore battles. Each week could have a rotating color focus, which would be a good opportunity to be able to get things like doom weapon scrolls and trait stones of the weekly color.

For example winning games during red week would award fire chests which would have a chance of dropping flame forge scrolls and various other types of loot

Giving rewards for defense battle wins would encourage tougher battles.

I think a system at least similar to this would be fun, challenging , and a good opportunity for us to attain forge scrolls outside of the event.



This system would cater to guilds in the top brackets. It would be a turn off to casual players.



If people were grouped according to teamscore (or, better yet, some sort of performance metric in the previous week), then everyone would seem to benefit equally from this fresh take on how to solve the forge scrolls problem

Well first of all this would have nothing to do with guilds. I said new pvp mode meaning single player experience removed from guild ranks. I’m also assuming a mode like this would be ranked by teamscore similar to how pvp already is. I don’t think a new player with a teamscore of 1000 is going to be going up against 19,000 teamscore opponents with all the best troops.

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IMO, your pvp proposal is nothing but a request for players in the top guilds to find ways to stay or move up in brackets by practicing with different colors for a week.

Will people in guilds from lower brackets use it? Sure. But, not like the hardcore endgamers would.


They can already do that right now by just going into PvP and using their GW team.

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I don’t think you understand what I was requesting.

This proposal has literally nothing to do with guilds or bracket.

Basically all I was requesting was adding weekly themed color restrictions and loot chests to pvp so people can attain resources like doom scrolls in a fun and challenging way.