Melting Point: Scaleguard Protector fail

Windows 10


“Grant a random Status Effect to all Naga Allies.”
It does NOT give a status effect to 3rd troop.

In Melting Point World Event, every time.

Assassin hero with Scaleguard Protector in 1st position, 3 Naga troops (Tier VI potions). Fire weapon.
(Note: depending on effect, it may be hard to see through the potions’ glitter.)

What was the third troop? Which troop was not getting a status effect? Is it possible the troop was either cursed or not a naga?

Screenshots, please, or it didn’t happen.
I’m out of sigils but had my brother checking and he says - working as expected, status effects granted.


3rd troop was Euryali, fully traited, who is Divine/Naga. Other troops were Marilith (2nd) and Mambasira (4th). No one was cursed.

Additional battles, I noted the 3rd troop sometimes got the buff, but not every time.

If I could give you a screen shot, I would. The hotkeys don’t work on this PC. Mind your manners, please. It happened, whether you choose to believe.

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[ windows key + shift + s ] brings up screenshot snipping tool in windows 7 and above. I use the steam version of GoW but if you are playing on pc windows 7 or above this method should work even if using a mobile emulator to play. (note: was also using Scaleguard Protector the whole event and never had an issue with it working correctly)

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Great, thanks for the tip!
Must be one of those ghosts in the machine – another player had the same problem, but I don’t know how consistently. No real harm: I changed my team and weapon when I got to L130.

You can always use your phone to take a picture from the screen if that helps.

What consistently happens on the forums are people erroneously claiming a bug when the situation is easily explained by a game mechanic that the poster overlooked, didn’t know about, or didn’t correctly understand. That’s why showing the context with screenshots and/or video of a “bug” is the default instead of just making an unsubstantiated claim without that proof. @Dust_Angel is not being rude or ill-mannered by ask for visual proof, especially as others here are having a hard time replicating what you’re seeing. It’s not a personal attack on you, especially as that user is very helpful to the community in helping diagnose issues like this.


Sorry, “Screenshots, please, or it didn’t happen.” is rude. A simple “Screenshots, please.” is better.

I understand the desire for visual “proof”. I also understand the need to be able to replicate the problem. But telling me something didn’t happen, just because someone else can’t see the proof is lazy, inconsiderate, disrespectful, and just basically rude.

Another player mentioned the problem on a Discord channel I follow. I replicated the problem before reporting it. Sorry I couldn’t post the screen shots.

Enough said.

I get it may have been taken as rude but it is a common comical way of people asking for screenshots of things on the internet.


Sorry. My Guild mates use it when someone’s being stubborn about something known to be false – and I haven’t seen the idiom anywhere else. Everything’s good!

BTW, thank you for taking the time to explain!

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