Melting Point, no score, only shows collectibles

I don’t know, which platform the player uses. But I use Android, Version 12, Galaxy A52. But at least 2 other players have asked about the 0 scoring

Screenshots from today and yesterday.

This player has collected 31 melted cobras and 185 poison, however the score is 0 points.
Visual bug?
Or a bug?

Ticket request (112789) - here you can see player name and other info.

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is it manually zeroed by devs? or a bug??, but i have never seen a bug like this

I have seen it in players suspected of cheating. Maybe that’s it.

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Or… Could it be that that player comes from another guild and got those collectibles in the other guild? I don’t know if it can be…

Nope. There is individual event leaderboard, so player’s own score is kept intact across switching guilds (only none of the score made in guild A counts towards rewards for guild B).
Tower of Doom (with no individual leaderboard) resets player’s record with each guild switching.


This player has been in my guild 3 months, but the cheating part is a possibility.
I raised that suspicion but no answer from my ticket or my report here…

Thanks for the information, I didn’t know about it and it’s good to know❤️

Having a possible cheater in my guild is annoying and bad, but not getting a response AT ALL is worse.
It takes 7-12 business days to get a response on a ticket regarding suspicion about cheating… 7-12 business days…

Has the player been playing the past days? I could imagine that they received the 6.2 update at the start of the week, played their sigils without the score registering due to version incompatibilities and are now locked out of the game until 6.2 gets released correctly.

If you’re the GM then you have their invite code.
And thanks to @Taransworld have the tools to check to see if the player is banned or not without relying on the devs.
On his GM site where invite profiles can be accessed.
Put in their invite code_banned.

And that will give you the answer.

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No the player has not. And it happened at the same time as the update trouble could have happened. I have considered that to be the answer. That or cheating.