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Medals equip

at the start of the world event, you will be advised to equip with medals, which should also happen if you switch back from there to the other/normal fights again


Good point. I regularly do the event first each day and then switch to other modes oblivious to the fact that event medals are still equipped and thus compromise my team strength. I don’t notice at 1st because I usually do AB and dungeon next. It’s only when I hit pvp or high lvl explore that I notice lol.

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What we really need is for each event or team slot to have customisable medals, so that when you switch team, you also switch medals automatically. OK, we don’t NEED this, but it would be nice :slight_smile:


Also along with the popup message asking if you want to equip those medals the button highlighted should be on the yes button not currently on the no button. Also if you press the O button on the PS4 it should back you out on to the event screen. I’ve nailed the O button countless times now and that seals your fate to playing without medals equipped. I have yet to win a single battle when fighting at level 400+ with no event medals equipped. It’s super annoying that O backs out of everything except this event.

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I notice the difference most often while I am doing Delves, where the difference between having +4 life from a seasonal medal vs +0 life from the event medal can sometimes be the difference in being 1 shot by the Spectral Knight in Crypt Keepers.


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I agree. A pop up reminder similar to World Event would be great. I usually need to change it for delves as well, for sure! Thanks.

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Would be nice to just be able to attach medals to teams, but the mean devs said Nooooooooooo and gave some reason I didn’t like.


The easiest way to ensure I don’t have useless event medals equipped when I do delves is to skip the world events, and only do delves.

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Or at least be on the same screen vs backing out of 3 screens, toggling up top past all the other items, and then selecting the medals. It is not designed well and they don’t care, SOP.

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My favorite is when its time to switch from a Rowanne team in a delve event. Pick your troops, pick your class, find the right banner… and oop better switch to a Nysha medal. Insane that you have to go all the way to the map menu to do this, but oh well.

And… Yup your Rowanne team is back again.