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Ability to switch medals from Overworld Map


I would like to suggest to have the ability to switch medals from the Overworld Map. Not the fine details, but just between the 3 “sets”. Perhaps it could be mapped to the Left and Right triggers, as they currently aren’t mapped to anything?

Just a small QoL suggestion. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the consideration! :+1: :grinning:


That is an excellent band-aid fix for this. But still a band-aid. We need them to be switchable when we do teams, anything else is … sadly inadequate.


True. Having them switchable when we do teams would be ideal. :+1:

I was just thinking along the lines of forgetting to switch off of the World Event exclusive medals, back to our standard set for when we switch from World Event back to another game mode. :slight_smile:

Don’t we already have what the op is asking for? Or am I misunderstanding?

OP is suggesting we have those on the overworld screen instead of in the menu (or in addition to it).


What Shimrra said. :+1:

One less menu to dive into. :slight_smile:

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