Mean Machine (rank 89) full

Mean Machine is recruiting for a new member. We are currently 29/30 and are looking to fill that empty spot and meet new people :slightly_smiling:
We have +35 to all masteries and finish average of 8-10 quests a day :slightly_smiling:
If interested leave your invite code in comments or send them to me through a message :slightly_smiling:
Come join us lets grow to top together :chart_with_upwards_trend:

A β€œmassage”? This kind of rubs me the wrong way.:wink:


Message* Damn auto correct :sweat_smile:
Thanks for pointing out :slightly_smiling:

3 more spots left :slightly_smiling:

Just 1 spot left, first to come gets in :slightly_smiling:

MOJO-JOJO is my code .

Best to upgrade the new ranking in the title

Ow yeah we are now 89th :smiley:

You are currently in a different guild and an invite can’t be sent.

I left the alliance , and am open :smiley:

Hi, currently a member of relatively inactive guild, so looking to join.
Code is DRATHAS.


Just to explain further we are currently full, this was just updating the guild statistics, not lunching a new recruitment, sorry for the confusion.

Changed the title a bit more to prevent further confusion xD

All good. :sunglasses: