Mean Machine, rank 25, is FULL [30/30]

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

We at Mean Machine are looking for a new member. Are you tired about always being top performer in your guild? Are you in a guild thats doing good, but just raising the ranks slowly? Join the guild where you will be with other very active players, thats already on top of leaderboards.

Here is some info about us:

  • we hit 40.000 seals every week, usualy around friday evening.
  • we do multiple legendary tasks each week (usualy 8-10, 11 last week)
  • all our guild statues are 100+ level, so we have all the best bonuses
  • we have very active members, that chat and help out
  • we also have a private discord server with a lot of channels were we discuss about teams, strategies, and life.
  • in the past 3 months, we were 14th guild by trophies earned!

Our requirements are:

  • 400.000 gold
  • 200 trophies
  • 1200 seals

Our avarage is double to all listed requirements (except for seals obviously).

Want to join us? Leave you invite code with info on how many of each requirements you think you can do on avarage every week :slight_smile:


I’ve been with @donboba and Mean Machine almost a year. We have come up the ranks together as a Guild that works hard, plays hard, and respects the responsibilities of real life.
Now is your chance!
Seize the day and join a Guild that will carry its banner valiantly into the upcoming Guild Wars!

Come. Join Mean Machine Today!!


Bumping :slight_smile:

hello do you have an space there ?? Would like to join

I’m interested. Came up just short of 1500 seals last week and got the boot from top 10 guild. Easily do your req and am active every day.

Sorry guys but the space got filled. Thanks for your interest.

Although we are full atm, please continue to leave your info if you are interested. Our leader @DonBoba keeps a waiting list and will contact you as spots open.

Thanks for the interest!

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Sister guild now available, Angry Sprockets.

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