Mean Machine is recruiting! (Rank 21.). 29/30

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

We are looking for 1 new member.
Our requirements are 200 trophies / 1500 seals / 400k gold donated / 30 GW battles completed / sentinels to level 3.

What do we offer? First of all a very very friendly expirince. We complete all our tasks on Monday, and do 10+ legendary tasks a week.
We reach 40k seals on Friday.

Want to know something else? Ask away :slight_smile:

Interested in joining this very active, but stress free guild? Send me a private msg with your invite code or post it in here.

Last week we got 2 mythics from legendary tasks :slight_smile:

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Steady climbing to ranl 21, come climb with us :slight_smile:

Holy crap. I’m in the #1 PS4 guild and we have yet to get a single mythic troop from completing legendary tasks and I bet we do 25 legendary tasks per week.

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NudgeBoy - Level 474
Unique Troops - 344
471k+ Gold for last 3 weeks (and 3 days out on 2nd week as my Hero was lost & needed help from the Dev)
1,500 seals weekly
Trophies - 150+ weekly and 200 is not a problem
Guild War participation - 30 battles weekly for 6 weeks (except 3 days w/o Hero)

Don’t know how to private chat

Actively interested in finding last Mythic and Legendary’s troops

Need this week’s GW rewards before moving to another guild unless they come from old Guild

Invite code - NUDGEBOY

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Exit your current guild and ill invite you.

I’m out. Thanks



Come join a friendly guild! :slight_smile:

Up up, join 6th guild in GW :slight_smile:

I wish I was not a member of Mean Machine so I could join again!


This week we did around 15 leg tasks, reached 40k seals on Friday, and we are ending 6th in GW. Want to be a part of it? Send me your invite code.

I’m going off to bed, so invite might take a few hours but it will get to you :slight_smile:

Big BUMP BUMPY BUMP! :smiley:


Hi level 1000+, can do all tasks. Need to find more active guild. Invite code LOGIS

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Invite sent :slight_smile:

Hi There,
I am interested in a more active guild. I am level 474 and can do requirements. I am without a guild currently. Invite code is VASILISK. Let me know please if there is a spot available. Thanks

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Right now we are full mate. However we have 2 empty spots in our sister guild which is also a very active guild. I’ll tell them to send you an invite.

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Cool mate. Just received the invite and joined, thanks!
Quick question, what’s the deal with discord? Never used it before!

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It’s a chat program. Similar like we chat in game, but a lot better. We discus teams, strategies and other stuff in there. There are about 50+ members in our discord because both of our guilds share the same :slight_smile:

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