Mean Machine is recruiting (rank 23rd approcaching 22nd fast). Looking for 1 member

Hi there everyone :slight_smile:
Mean Machine is looking for 1 player to fill to its ranks.
Our requirements are 200 trophies, 400.000 gold, 1500 seals, 30 battles completed in GW (up to each individual how they complete them, no preasure about it) and sentinels to 3-3-3-3.
We complete around 10 legendary tasks a week. We complete all the basic tasks within first few hours after reset. We hit 40k seals around Friday usualy.
We don’t preasure people about guild wars, we just need participation as in completing battles. Currently positioned in bracket #2
Want to join? Leave your invite code here or send me a private msg.

Joining today enables you to participate in this weeks war!

Ace1 here I am currently free no guild last one I held down your reqs every week np was ranked i below guild leader but too much aggro for low yield members no encouragement and became nasty my invite code is ACE1 9 I already posted 700 seals so would be down this week only

Invite sent :slight_smile: