Mean Machine Recruiting

(29/30) Mean Machine - A Top 100 Guild Now Recruiting. All tasks and events completed weekly! 700k G/1300 S/300 T (GW Optional); All guardians full. Gold dump and LT’s during GW week. Discord Wisp#2411, Xev#3935, or AmazonJax#3544

Edit for bump: Like many other guilds, we lost one to RL. We would like someone new to join us, please! We had 122 LT’s during gold dump week which is pretty normal. GW is still optional. We are still climbing in the league. When I joined a few months ago, we were at 96 (I think). Now, 88 hopefully soon to be 87. What does that mean? All of our members are active! Without much fuss, we get all events done, typically before the weekend. We have several folks (not me) who are wonderful at team building, channels for all types of teams: new dragons, delves, every type of event, even our own channel for saving teams. If you have any issues, we have main contacts on either side of the Atlantic in various timezones. There is almost always someone who can help at any hour. It may say “Mean Machine” but we are actually pretty nice! We do use Discord often, but it is not required. We only ask that you check guild chat at least once a day for announcements.

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I’m interested. Invite code: jbfranklin26

Presto, I’ve sent you an invite. Do you use discord? It’s not required, just curious.
I can send you a link since ingame chat is down.

Bump! Recruiting again! Interested parties, please message or contact via Discord. Thank you!


Bump! Edited ad!