Mean Machine (rank 219) recuruiting

Hello everyone :slightly_smiling: As the title says, we are recruiting, so if anyone is interested we have 2 spots :slightly_smiling:
We are ranked 219, never fell in rank, just climbing, we have +17 for all masteries, finish 2-5 quests every day, and have 28/30 members at this moment.
If interested in joining, comment your invite code and I’ll invite you in, or you can send me through private message your invite code and I will invite you :smile:

Oh and there are no requirements, you just need to be there, people who don’t play for more then 5 days, and don’t announce that they will be inactive will be kicked. Farming trophies and donating is all up to each member to do how much they desire :slight_smile:

I’d love to join you. Currently level 55 and play daily. Invite code NORIANYA.

Invite sent, welcome :smile:
If you have any questions, feel free to use guild chat as much as you want :slightly_smiling:

1 more spot remaining :slightly_smiling:

To update, current rank is 218, few trophies away from 217, we are still looking for 1 more member :slightly_smiling:

217 rank now, still 1 spot remaining :slight_smile:

I would also love to join you guys. I’m level 69 and I play daily as well.
Invite Code: POXX

Invite sent. That’s all everyone we are full :slight_smile: