Match Masters 1,000,000

Nailed it.

I’m sure @esslee will want to make a more official post so I’ll leave that to her later ^^


Congratulations to you @Shimrra and to everyone in Match Masters for reaching the milestone.

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Congratulations, it must be a great feeling to reach 1000K trophies.:smiley:

Very Impressive stats! Congratulations on 1M. :rocket: :smiley:


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Hey fantastic job! And a great screenshot with exactly 1 mil, nicely done my friends :slight_smile:

Great milestone. Good job

Congrats, @Shimrra, to you and everyone on Match Masters!

Congrats! :smiley:

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Thanks for posting this Shimrra & TheRandalizer (in Oz) - it happened whilst I was sleeping (in UK) -
Thank goodness Match Masters is an international guild otherwise we would have missed the moneyshot :+1::laughing::grinning::balloon::tada:


High five, esslee. :smiley:


We just crossed 600k in unrepentant. We will follow in your footsteps later this year

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