MatchMasters hits a million

Forgive a little self-aggrandising… But congrats to all in MatchMasters, on our reaching one million trophies!

Wtg us :slight_smile: @esslee @Shimrra @LEAKAY @MarvelKit
(and everyone else, but don’t have time to @ everyone else!)


Congrats MM! :+1:

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Maybe even @sirrian might stop by to share in our joy, and say hi to some of his most loyal and long-serving gamers… (and customers) :stuck_out_tongue:

@Saltypatra go prod SF off his exalted perch :smiley: as if it’s a holiday or something…

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Screen shot bang on the million nice :grin::tada::gift:


No one is in the office atm unfortunately as we are on Easter holidays! I’m sure there will be extra merry making when we are all back.

In the meantime, I am impressed!


Oops - I think everyone has got the message now !


Ahaaa that was in the Guild Chat category which I appear to have muted… I did look around first, honest :slight_smile:

Well it’s such a great achievement it’s worth posting at least twice :wink:

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Congrats guys thats a big feat.

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Congrats :smiley::+1:


Congrats! It is a great milestone.


Gratz guys, nice job.

Thanks also to @TheRandalizer who got the perfect screenshot :smiley:

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Grats :smiley: (ten characters)

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Many Kudos to the "other" MM guildies!! :wink:

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So very happy for you all, what a fantastic job!

Grats guys! Well done!

im a little late to notice the thread but congratz :slight_smile:

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Well I’m even later than you @Annaerith (I’ve been almost completely out of the forum loop organizing testing of guild wars this week, and then starting an upgrade to some of our security), but anyway…

:fireworks::sparkler: HUGE CONGRATULATIONS :sparkler::fireworks: to MatchMasters for reaching an epic milestone! :tada:


Sorry for my tardiness