Marthos Guardians - Rank 5


Are you able to reach the 250 trophy minimum? If you are interested, let us know.

We are still recruiting, you can reply here or send PM to Turin or I.
quick sneak peek which can encourage you to join us.

  • We have always reached last guild chest so far (usually on Saturday) and the weekly sum is between 42 to 44k so there is a safety reserve.
  • We have always completed all tasks (Wednesday to Friday). The reason is that we keep Monday and Tusday for mandatory minimal contributions.
  • We are friendly and active guild with FB group as a main communication channel apart from in game chat. FB group is mainly used for team builds and strategy sharing.
  • We are also using shared spreadsheet to track contributions. Results are reported every Monday.

Don’t hasitate and join us :wink:


Rank 5 Recruiting!!!

Marthos Guardians is currently looking for a new member to join the ranks of this awesome guild. We easily complete the tasks each week and we have an active chat for a good laugh. We also do online polls for team members opinion (like the name change) and have a detailed weekly progress report to keep all of us on track.

If you’re looking for a place to call home, this is it.

I’ve been a member for over 2 months and love it, you will too!

~ Pyro


Hi! I’m looking for a more active guild to call home now that my kingdoms are maxed.

I’m currently level 162 and I get around 500 trophies + max seals weekly.

I can also meet the 500k requirement since I enjoy pvp a lot!

I’m currently in a less active guild so if I get selected please pm or reply here and I will leave my current guild and share my invite code.



Hi Sammael,
You was selected :slight_smile:
Please say goodbye to your guild mates and share your invite code or PM me.
I am waiting to invite you.


seen you have a spot open. max seals every week and now that all my kingdoms are lvl 10; gold wont be an issue either. lvl 280 atm. looking for a more active guild as a third of my guild mates haven’t even contributed this week. would like a guild that works together and communicates. Let me know if you are interested.


Hi , looking for a new guild I am rank 423 maxed Kingdoms, top gold contributor at last guild ,
I like a laugh and a regular player and contributor :slight_smile:
code: GARY_12


Thanks! My invite code is SAMMAEL_4


Welcome aboard Sammael.


@Wiscon75 and @Gary,
We are interested to accept you but we are currently full again.
If you are willing to wait for next spot, let me know and I will add you to a waiting list and PM you once the spot is opened.


I’ll wait a while :slight_smile:


Actually I think we have a spot for you. It just opened up. Please leave current guild to accept invite. You won’t regret it. As this is an awesome guild to call home.



Gary, let us know here once you leave the current guild so I can send you the invitation.


OK, Gary is not responding and he said he could wait a while so I will also give a chance to Wiscon in this round :slight_smile:
@Wiscon75 @Gary - Whoever will be a first one to post a message that he has left current guild will receive invitation.
I hope that the second one will be able to wait a little.


OK I have left guild


Invitation sent. Welcome aboard Gary.


We have currently one open spot and it is more than possible that there will be more opened soon.
Our minimal requirements are currently:

  1. 300 trophies per week
  2. 500k gold per week
  3. 1300 seals per week
  4. min lvl 100
  5. join our FB group “Marthos Guardians”

We are looking for PVP active members and we can offer all task completed on Wednesday, reaching 6th lvl guild chest every week. Join us now to be able to get more resources once the new legendary task is implemented. We are currently hoarding gold.

As usually, you can reply here or send the privat message to our guild master @turintuor or to me.


Do you still have the spot open?
I can meet easily the requirements.
lvl : 310

If it is not working, try INCREDIBLEYOUNG_1


Hi yellowgg2,
The spot was taken but if you will wait a little, we may have additional spot on Monday.
We cannot guarantee that the spot will open though. I am keeping you on a list.
Thx for understanding.


Im interested! :slight_smile: invite code ploxxkangas


Hi ploxxkangas. Thx for interest.
I will give a chance to @yellowgg2 first because I promised him the spot 3 days ago. If he doesn’t reply within next 12 hours, the spot is yours :slight_smile:

Hi @yellowgg2,
If you are still interested, leave the current guild and leave the message here. I am keeping that spot for you for next 12 hours. Please let me know if you are not interested so I can invite ploxxkangas sooner.

Thank you.