Late game player looking for a new guild - PC/mobile

Hey everyone - I’m looking for a new guild as I just left my old one.
I contribute 400k+ gold each week minimum. I have all kingdoms maxed and always get fully involved in weekly events such as guild wars/invasions etc and generally get my 1500 seals. Contributed about 20 million overall to my old guild and have been playing daily for about 1.5 years.

I found my old guild frustrating as only 60% or so got fully involved and I’m looking for a guild that are generally all contributing to the extent I am. I’m late game now so want something a bit more intense.

Invite code is THOMAS_43. Thanks!

Hi. Marthos Guardians - rank 5 - is looking for a new recruit.
The reqs are 400t / 500K / 1500 seals.

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