Marthos Guardians - Rank 5

Marthos Guardians is recruiting!

We’re currently the 5th in the leaderboard.

We’re looking for players who agree with these following rules:

  1. contribute at least 300 trophies by week
  2. contribute at least 500,000 gold by week (low level players can have a discount ;-))
  3. rejoin our Discord server to discuss strategies, comment updates, etc
  4. participate to the Guild Wars

Hi There,

I am interested to join. I am currently membor of a guild but can leave if you decide to take me in. I am lvl 102 and still focused of gathering souls to level up my troops and be able to collect more gold through arena and invasion. So my priority are gems, souls, gold. Hope it is OK for you.

  1. curently contributing between 30-40 trophies per week
  2. gold contribution is between 20 and 40k per week
  3. already asked for joining
  4. not a problem
  5. lvl 102
  6. shouldn’t be a problem

My invite code is orbin111

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You’re welcomed in our guild, orbin111 ;-).
Please leave your current guild and I will add you ASAP.
You can also join our FB group.

There is one remaining available slot.

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Hi, I’m also interesting in joining,

Info below:

  1. no problem
  2. no problem
  3. no problem (have requested invite to FB group)
  4. no problem
  5. currently 112
  6. don’t know what it is but willing to learn.

I am currently in another guild though, but it’s starting to get full of inactives and am looking for somewhere where people are more regular with contributions.

Invite code is choke

@choke: you have to leave your current guild ;-).

Maybe we will have some other slots. So don’t hesitate to post a message and I will check if I can make a place inside our guild ;-).

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Have left the old guild.

Invite code is choke if you still have that slot.

I have already left previous guild.
Ready to be invited :smile:
Inv code: orbin111

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Hi, any more slots left?
HEHE_3 lvl188

Sorry HEHE_3, we didn’t have slots until now.
Are you still interested by our guild?

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That’s great. I’ve left former guild. thx.

HEHE_3 you have received an invitation, but before leaving the guild, wait until we confirm the availability of space
For inquiries, please leave your message and wait for confirmation !
Thank you

Okay, I send also an invitation HEHE_3.
Don’t forget to join our FB group (Rainmaker GOW).

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need permission to join FB group.

We have soon two open slots.

Just a reminder.
WE ARE SPART… I mean we are the Rainmakers! Top 6, +58 to all masteries.
Some rules:

  1. contribute at least 20 trophies by week
  2. contribute at least 20,000 gold by week
  3. join our FB group (Raimaker GOW) to discuss strategies, comment updates, etc
  4. cannot be inactive for more than 4 days (else have to inform us)
  5. be at least level 50
  6. agree to do the gem-gold “loop” (all the informations about that on our FB forum)

Thanks for reading ;-).

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Because text only is too mainstream :sunglasses:.

Great job done by KAYA43V3R ;-).


Two open slots ;-).

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Only one open slot ;-).

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i would like to join the guild.
i’m lvl 53 and active playing.
i’m ok with 20k and 20 trophies ( trophies will be more than 20 btw )

invite code is: RUBEDO

(contact me before inviting because i’m still in another guild )

We have currenlty one open slot.

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I’m very active player lvl 72, playing everyday. I can donate about 50k gold a week (of course with gem-gold loop) and make about 30-40 trophies weekly. I have no problem with donating only for tasks that guild prefers.

If you are interested plz feell free to contact me or send invite - Tippex.