Marshal is recruiting 40k seals and legendary tasks rank 12(1 spot)


One spot free,welcome join us.


Marshal II has one open spot. Please PM me for more detail.


Hey JDog,What is Marshal rank


We are currently rank 93 and have one opening on Sunday if anyone is interested please PM me for more details.


Hi! I’m an active and dedicated player whom like to join a great guild like you guys. I am currently in Heroes United an would like to move up and forward. My lvl stats is 1230 and I have read about you guys and can do more than required.
I bo Guild Wars and have 50-54 t point’s. I do Raid, Invasion and Bounty
My invite code is RUKO_1
Hope to hear from you guys


Love what you guys are doing trophy wise, climbing the ranks. I’d love to join when a spot opens. I easily get a couple million gold and 1500 seals weekly and average 1k trophies a week as well. I’m also very active with guild tasks.


Hi,now we are full.thank you have interesting about Marshal.


阿俊,你的标题应该修改一下了。马修目前是第七名,并且你可以把每周完成传奇任务的具体数字加上比如50+legendary tasks这样。