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Search for good guild with 40k seals (Found)

weekly trophies: 400+
weekly gold: 600k+
weekly seals: 1500
GW Score: 25 000+

Iā€™d like you to consider dominant. We should still hit 40k this week even after having lost a few veteran players this week and not having gained seals from GW wins.


Pinging @esslee as MatchMasters has space from time to time.

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up for a good guild

I just invited you after you asked in Global :neutral_face:

why i dint see invite? can you repeat?

Hi, we have 1 spot free. Rank 129 atm. Info pm me or @Salvo

Join Heroes United rank 28. We have 1 spot open .

Visite our page and speak with our guild master if you want to join.