Mark Kingdoms with challenges yet to be Mastered

The title pretty much says everything.

I’d love to see some kind of marker on the world map to know if I’m still to complete a given challenge in that Kingdom, maybe something similar to the “Quest Available” markers.


+1 to this - always said this would be useful…

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Was about to create a similar topic, that, or a completion mark like the stars or something.

OMG four years have come but this thing still isn’t implemented!

I really need this feature - to show challenge info on kingdoms, to track tiers without clicking on every single kingdom. They already show their Level, Power, Class quest and Mythstone bonus icons. The only thing that missing is challenges’ Tiers.

Why not show them in form like IX-0/7?

This feature is easy to implement and will be really convenient.


-1 I will not complete them and dont want to see a permanent marker forever.
Also its constant not so hard to check.

+1 This option would be a very helpful QoL addition. @Live I can also see your point of view for not wanting to see it all the time if you have no desire to do the challenges.

I’d like to see an option added to the Settings to allow a player to choose to see Kingdom status notifications. This should apply to unfinished Quests, Challenges and Class. It should not apply to the Explore bonus mythstones as that’s a different type of notification.