Make "quest available" symbol more visible

Maybe “always on top” or something like that? I almost missed the one in Ghulvania, since I always use the map fully zoomed out.


They’re always at the top right, IIRC. I believe the Ghulvania thing is actually a bug.

Stormheim and DF symbols are on the bottom-right corner for me as well.

What if the developers created a “World Status” menu under the Hero tab. This menu would list every Kingdom in the game if you finished the Questline or not, How many Challenges you completed/yet to complete, if you’ve unlocked a particular hero subclass, unlocked a particular weapon (Mana mastery/Kindoms). Summary of Kingdoms Power and Level. X/Y Troops Found per Kingdom. Some data on Mythic Troops. Etc.

This could give new players a screen “in game” to see what the need to do to obtain something, and allow then to create mini goals for themselves to unlock the next thing.

Seasoned Players could “enjoy” trying to get it to 100% :wink:


I would love this. Back when I was trying to make sure I completed them all, I had to make a spreadsheet. Now it’s only an issue when a new kingdom comes out but I have forgotten to complete the challenges.

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