Mana Surge error?

I’m pretty sure that when I turned 1000 pre update that my mana surge was at least 70%. Now it’s 59 & 60%. I noticed this because it seems that a) lower levels get more surges and b) I feel that I’m just not getting the surges I’ve become used to. Has there been an adjustment? Is there in fact an error here?
Am I delusional ?

It was rescaled. Its not in the patch notes but they mentioned it somewhere.

Thanks @Shimrra - not (quite) going mad then :wink:

There is talk that hero will be buffed in 1.0.9, so that will help balance out that nerf. For 1.0.8, hero is nearly useless though between the mana surge nerf, all troops being able to reach level 20, and all troops getting traits.

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Agreed… I believe interesting things are planned for the hero in 109 to get him/her right back up there in power terms… at hero level 750+ (am almost there!) the hero should I reckon be noticeably stronger than any single troop card, even ascended uber-goblins…

Then here’s to spiffy buffy heroic 2016 :heart_eyes: