Mana For Defense PVP Battle Question

Is it true that an opponent’s home kingdom affects what mana appears on the board during a defense battle?
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For example:

Player A:
Home Kingdom: Sword’s Edge

Player B:
Home Kingdom: Khaziel

If Player A invades Player B, will the board favor blue, yellow and brown mana?

Edit: For clarity, I’m speaking about mana appearing on the board and mana dropping in from offscreen.

On Console the board would actually hamper Blue and Yellow. Brown would be unaffected.

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Do you mean less blue and yellow would appear on the board?

On PC/Mobile, all gem drop rates are equally random (except skulls), no playing favorites.

But on consoles, tests from players have shown that your team’s banner plays part in color drop rates (this may have been changed since then), in the way that less of your banner’s color(s) will drop.

I cannot say whether the enemy’s Banner or Kingdom effects the board, as I’ve never played on consoles.

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It’s a very unusual system I believe is place to counterbalance that the player has dynamic thinking and gets the first turn.

Each colour has a base 15% to drop and 10% for Skulls. I’ve noticed each Banner bonus reduces that number by 1%, meaning a monocolor Banner reduces it by 2%.

To counteract this, each color has an opposite that will increase equally to how much it’s opposite decreases

Yes exactly.

With the Sword Banner, Brown wouldn’t actually be favored, oddly Red and Purple would be. (Read above)

That’s interesting. I wonder if the board behaves the same way on PC. I might have to do some experimenting to sate my curiosity.

It took hundreds of battles with each Banner to get my results. The discrepancy is small and doesn’t really hurt the player. Using the opposite color Banner to produce the color you desire works, but the Mana Bonus will overall charge you faster.

The opposites are:


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