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#MakeTauGreatAgain (Raksha discussion)

Recently, some races have been hinted to be schedule for a rework, including the Raksha.
I love Raksha, they look very cool, some of the best artwork in the game.
Alas, they are weak. Very very very weak.
Sekhma is the only one that sees some play, and rarely at that.

With a new Raksha this week (Spiritmane) and the 10% event, i was hoping for some new wind for this race.
But no, they still all blow.

I’d be surprised to have a dev give us insight on what they are working on for our feline troops, so i decided to do my own analysis and proposition.

1- No synergy at all:

1a- too many with weak frontline trait (low armor or evasion, low attack growth, restricted attack bonus). You can only have 1 guy in front, no need for many troop build to be in front.

1b- too many troops with “on death” effect: Claw Dancer gets an extra-turn, Jaguar heals to full, Rex gains attack, Snow Calls a storm, Tau gains skills.
But “upon enemy death effects” only happens 3 time during the game, so it’s a ridiculous source of boost. You cannot rely on it.

2- Very weak overall spells. Claw-Dancer gets a conditional extra-turn when Goblin deals more damage with extra-turn guarantee. Tau, if he kills 3 enemy, still only gets +12 to all skills, so, lower than any 1 Devour would get…

3- No multi-target damage. No summons. Almost no board manipulation. Very little protection or healing.

Raksha “feeling”

With specific, single target damage, with boosts on kill, and little protection, the Raksha give me a feeling of quick, pack hunters, that will attack a prey, feast on it, becoming even more dangerous or faster.
They are fragile but surgical, they don’t rely on status effect or loops or explosions or extra-turn, they just kill you, and the more they kill the more lethal they get. Like a avalanche.

So, here is my suggestion:

1- A bigger than usual type-bonus: having 3 or 4 Raksha in a team should give higher bonus than other types.

2- Replace traits like XXX Slayer, Frenzy and Avenger by a single trait:
“Pack Hunting” : Multiply Skull damage by Raksha allies.
So a single Raksha deals 1x damage, and 4 Raksha means 4x damage.

3- All “death trigger spells” should affect all Raksha. So Tau would read: All Raksha gain 4 to all stats if an enemy dies, Jaguar heals everyone, and Rex Cleanse all, for exemple.

4- New Class trait:
Raksha Feast: Cleanse and Enchant Myself, and gain +3 to all stats when an enemy dies.

So, technically, there is your pack of hunters. Weak for lack of massive AoE damage and protection. But multiple Raksha together makes them more deadly, your front man can do big damage with skulls, and once the first enemy dies, the hunt is on!
It represent the ruthless pack hunting, and once the first prey is dead, the blood frenzy starts.
For exemple, if Rex kills an enemy, then all Raksha are healed to full and gain 4 attacks (from Rex spell), and then Cleanse, Enchant and gain +3 from trait…
bigger and bigger, faster and faster…

What do you think?