Mailbox Cliffy Error (READ ME)

There’s a Cliffy error that is happening when players open their game mail, which is causing the mail box to close, and forcing players to restart their game.

We are aware of this issue and are working on it right now. You won’t have missed any of your pre-existing rewards, so please don’t worry. (The mail is trying to give you something that doesn’t exist in game yet coughdeedscough which is why it isn’t working.)

If you haven’t opened your mail yet, please hold off until we push out a fix.

Can you push out 4.5 instead so the various items exist? :wink:


Sounds like 4.5 will be very soon.

Okay team, this is already fixed on PC/Mobile and we are pushing it to console now. Please restart you game and device and everything should be smooth sailing.

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Sounds like a professional company with brillant organisational skills. I’m soooo glad that I spent so much money already ingame.



You are entitled to your opinions, but I’m really proud of our team for fixing this issue within 15 minutes.


deed it work? :joy_cat:


Indeed it does now!


It’s not surprising. People are always happy to complain about things they don’t like and bugs but when they are changed/fixed those people won’t come back to thank you for it.

Not on Switch - but I’m far away from complaining.
I’ll take a shower in the meantime. I’ve heard even gamers should do this one time in a month…

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I just wanna say: “thanks”!


Switch wasn’t affected by this issue. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the thanks!

My mail worked fine but I didn’t get any deeds in it … so I’m not sure what just happened or didn’t happen or whatever. :thinking:

Sorry to say - but that’s not true. I have a screenie but not the time to post it. I have to go to work. It looks like the others tbh.

We are checking the Switch again now after your post, but we did check it when the issue was first encountered. Please give us a moment.

I’ll give you 10 hours. :kissing_heart:

Thanks for fixing the mail issue! I also had a Cliffy error when trying to collect my Tribute… :frowning: was that related?

OK, sorry for my bad behaviour. You are right, of course we need to be thankful for you fixing the problems caused by yourself. Next time I gonna keep that in mind.

I just think that compassion and empathy is cool. As I said, you are welcome to make complaints, etc. I’m not stopping you. I’m also allowed to have a response, and I’ve been pretty mild, and primarily wanted to make a funny joke with a funny gif and then thank the team for responding so quickly.