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Nintendo Switch

Game is completely unplayable since March 2, 2021. It just keeps looping. It will start on load screen then say CLIFFY Error with a random alpha numeric sequence following it each time. The sequence is different every time but the word CLIFFY is always the same. It then restarts the game only to repeat the cycle.
I have turned in multple tickets to the developer and still no reply.
I have tried uninstalling/reinstall and even installed on multiple consoles with my account only to get the same error. Please help as I have over 670 hours into this game and hundreds of dollars spent. I just want to be able to play on my account again.

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If you could please let us know what the Cliffy Error is (the code) that would be of great assisstance. :slight_smile:

The end codes change every load screen. CLIFFY Error:V4KPQ0DEZ0


I’ve passed this on, thank you!