[Contact Support] Cliffy error - lost about 15+ rewards :(

I grinded up to pvp tier 5, then completed guild yellow task 5 (campaign wantes 25 glory chests, so I wanted keys).
Went to my mailbox and had idk something like 10-15 pieces of mail worth of rewards.
Clicked accept all…loaded about 2 minutes before ultimately giving me a Cliffy error, booting me from the game.
Load it back up, no keys, no gems, no gold received and no “collected” mail showing for today :frowning:

Really upset!

Edit: also Nintendo has been REALLY “loady” the last 2ish days. Getting 30-60 sec loading screens about ~25% of the time

Edit 2: ultimately the rewards ended up showing up about an hour later.

Edit 3: another cliffy (pic this time) after beating a high rank pvper lmao


Came here to add to this. It has been really bad with constant loading screens forcing me to quit.


i seem to be having the same problem at the end of a battle keeps trying to load then get an error message


Hey everyone!

I’m very sorry to hear that your all experiencing this issue with getting CLIIFY Errors! For those getting the error can you please contact our Support Team here; https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000013356

They’ll be able to investigate this in greater detail and find out what’s happening.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


I wish but I’m not allowed to contact support. I’ve also been getting errors and the loading screen not wanting to load in after 3 times it does. Then I’m getting the loading screen not loading at all after finishing any battle in the game it literally forces me to just close the game and go back in then tells me I never completed that battle even though I did.

@Silverstream I created a new bug report thread for you and replied to you there:

If you want to DM me about what is happening with not being able to contact support directly we will work it out for you.

Very few users (less than 5? in the past 5-6 years) are actually forbidden from contacting support and they were suspended for things like death threats or telling the staff to kill themselves so I SUSPECT you’re having a technical issue with contacting us that I hope to help you resolve.

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Why on earth would someone send death threats to the support team of a free-to-play game? It makes no sense whatsoever.