[more info needed] Error in Tower of Doom

weird 0-0 I keep getting a error after completing dooms in the doom event.

@SilverStream thanks for reporting this! I’ve moved this into its own bug report thread as it was different from the bug report you originally posted this in.

What does the error say?
Also which platform do you play on? (PC, iOS, Android, Xbox Playstation, Switch etc?)

Must be console, no tod event is on pc.

Switch lite console and I don’t remember cause its normally just the loading after the battle that doesn’t work for me sadly. Once I complete any battle in the game without failing the loading for victory won’t load at all. Its now loading but I’m watching it very closely myself cause it only happens sometimes now. Basically when I hit victory mark after a battle the screen does that loading … thing and it will take forever and I would literally have to hit the home button on my Switch lite then x out of gems of war then go back into it and it wouldn’t load the battle and my prizes I just did after exiting.

Hey @SilverStream

As a precaution, could you go through the following troubleshooting guides and if you continue to experience this error after doing so, send through a ticket to Support and we can follow this up further

As a fellow Switch player, I also occasionally experience moments where the network sync (after a battle, opening chests, etc.) seems to go on forever, or even time out. The fastest way to test for this is:

1 - HOLD the Home button to pop up a system menu over the game screen.
2 - Toggle “Airplane Mode” on and then off. The game should immediately display an error message with a “Retry” button.
3 - Return to the game and hit the button to try again.

In most cases, the retry goes through fine and everything is back to normal with nothing actually lost. And it is much, MUCH faster to test than closing/rebooting the game, or cycling your network router off and on again.

I have also been through times where our router seems to lose connection with the ISP and suddenly nobody has Internet access. Telling the router to reboot takes about 2 full minutes – in comparison, rebooting the game is 1 full minute; Airplane Mode toggle, just 5 seconds … but in any case, a good general rule of thumb is to try the quickest fixes first.


I can’t contact support thats why this thread was created

Thank you. I’ve tried this and it seems to be working so far.