Magic Stat Bonuses


I was missing a Magic point and wanted to corroborate the following for magic stat bonuses:

+1 Magic Kingdoms at 5 Stars :crystal_ball:

Details: Blighted, DarkStone, Karakoth, Zhul’Kari

+1 Magic as Hero Levels :rocket:

Details: Level 50, 100, and 500

+1 Magic for Playing Farmville with Sirrian [UNCONFIRMED]

Details: Meaningful Social Interaction

Am I missing any?


I’m guessing it’s assumed, but getting level 10 on the Magic Kingdoms also gives you +1 Magic (I think it’s technically possible to 5 star them without leveling them…)


I believe @killerman3333’s the only one presently able to confirm that. Though I’ve no doubt it’s possible.


Can confirm you can 5 star a kingdom without getting it to level 10.


Right, but 5 starring a kingdom only doubles that kingdom’s stat. If the kingdom is not at level 10, then you will not have the +1 Magic to double.

This one is the most elusive. Legend has it, only @DEMONorANGEL obtained this bonus.