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πŸ§™ tanooki πŸ§™ [Rank 154] Shut up and play ( πŸ™Š We don't chat much πŸ™Š ) 🧞 CURRENTLY RECRUITING 🧞


We are looking for active players who don’t care about active guild chat!

We finish Blue (gems) every week get to lvl 8 on the others.

Grow with us!

Level 422
League rank 154

Minimum Requirements
Daily login
Max Guild Wars Battles

Please leave your level, average weekly stats, shoe size, and invite code. We hope you can join us!

My level is 493 and 150k/1000s/100t weekly . My shoes size is 10…

invite code : MANKGAPORE 1

401lvl. 250k. 1000sls. 150tph
Shoe size 11