Maester Bonuses


Did these get removed recently? I can’t seem to get the game to show them as a team bonus anymore.

For those who forgot about them / don’t know what they are:

Maester of Water
Gain +25 Water Mastery for having 4 unique blue troops.

Maester of Nature
Gain +25 Nature Mastery for having 4 unique green troops.

Maester of Fire
Gain +25 Fire Mastery for having 4 unique red troops.

Maester of Air
Gain +25 Air Mastery for having 4 unique yellow troops.

Maester of Magic
Gain +25 Magic Mastery for having 4 unique purple troops.

Maester of Earth
Gain +25 Earth Mastery for having 4 unique brown troops.


I still see them. What team are you trying to make?


While it’s not this exact team (I’m playing around with options for the third slot) this should still give a Maester bonus I thought? Or does it HAVE to be Mono coloured?


The have to be unique. No two of the same.


facepalm This is why I shouldn’t be playing when half asleep and after alcohol.


I’m still curious why the masteries have a “1” on them. It almost seems as if they were planning on making 3x of the same color to also give a bonus.



I like the team name :smiley:


I never noticed that before… ehmm… what exactly is a “maester”? oO Is this on purpose?


Either it’s taken from the word Maestro (eg a conductor/distinguished musician). Or according to Google it might be a Game of Thrones reference (I don’t watch it, so I can’t verify if it fits or not)


I dont watch GoT, might be that explanation though.


Maester is an old English spelling of Master, generally when used in reference to the academic… Or arcane. :wink:

In GoT the highly academic individuals that train and then whisper in the ears of Kings are referred to as Masters. FYI.


Is also a rank of magician in old texts, Maester of fire is a high ranked fire magician for example.


Measter is also I high ranking offical in final fantasy X (you know, for completion sakes)


The funny thing about GoT Maesters is that they were partly responsible for ridding the world of magic, killing the dragons, etc.

Not really patrons of that particular art.


I do not know what GoT stands for. Please end my confusion.




GoT = Game of Thrones

And while we are asking what does

10chars mean?

I have seen it all over the forums but can not figure it out from context?


your post must be at least 10 characters long.


Ok so it is used when you repost and have nothing else to add. Got it! Thanks for the info… Again! :wink: