Lvl 75 Player looking for new active Guild

Currently im in a inactive Guild where may 2/30 people online every day (guild leader hasn’t been online for 80+ days now). If any active Guild is recruiting i may be interested and you could leave a message here so i still can use the daily login bonus / masterys until i found a new home :slight_smile:

Which platform are you playing on?

PC sorry i forgot about that

I’ve changed topic section for you so you get a response faster :slight_smile:

ok thanks already thought it could be the wrong section

And I can invite you to join us at Mean Machine(rank 189) if we get a spot open soon :slight_smile:
We have 30/30 and everyone is active, so if someone goes inactive I’ll have you in mind :slight_smile:

ok thx just let me know i have time ^^

we have a spot open as well - Crit happens :wink: rank around 230. :slight_smile: no requirements.

my invite code: DEVINEE

Invite sent :slight_smile:

What guild did you come from? Also the activity in guilds is shown as logged on when the player actually plays a battle. Logging in daily does not alter last time online status.

Moonstone and last guild message was from 2015