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Mean Machine (rank 53.) recruiting CLOSED

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
We have 3 spots available and if someone is interested say your in game characteristics in a replay along with your invite code if you are interested in joining us :slight_smile:
For example my details are level 430+, all kingdoms level 10, no vip level.
Hope to see some of you with us as we soon enter top 50 guilds :smile:

Just to update, the spot is taken.

If it was taken by tas12k then expect it to open up again in a few days.

Heh really? :slight_smile:
Would you care to share more info? You seem to know something I don’t :slight_smile:
To be honest I didn’t have time to read the forums lately :frowning:

nothing sinister or anything, he just floats around different guilds from time to time. usually donates a whole bunch so he’s like a wandering santa claus, haha.

Well who doesn’t love Santa?
Anyway If he does leave we had an honor of having a level 1000 in our ranks, and we will reopen the recruitment :slight_smile:

And the requirement is reopened :slight_smile:

Level 108. 10 Kingdoms maxed. Vip 4.
Been with the Guild I’m in now for 3 weeks. I’ve put in 200+ trophies, and 70k+ gold weekly. Let me know. :slight_smile

The only reason I’m applying for another guild is because it’s yours.

Ok, tell me when you left your current one so I can invite you :slight_smile:


Invite sent.
2 more spots remaining :slight_smile:

1 more spot open :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a new guild as my current one is not active. I
am level 274 and get to tier 1 each week.
I also have all kingdoms
leveled, so can contribute all my gold to tasks. I am very active and looking for a guild with other active players.

Any spots open?



Hello, Would love to be joining your guild am level 36, extremely active, started playing 2 days ago.
Looking for an active guild to start boosting it out if happened and a spot opened up :wink:
looking forward for your invite !

Code : SICI ( sici )