Lunar New Year Event: Lunar Revel

Guess i missed that in the notes. Probably saw holiday events and kept scrolling. Still wonky with the time resetting

Still it can be deceiving. You glance at it and think, fine, I’ve still 10 days of battles. But no, it’s 3 days of battles and a week of contemplating your lack of seals.

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@JetoTuzi” should be in chests, can you give us a info about it?

At “Carmina” event it was stated 4-5 weeks after event for stuff to be added for f2p.
With “Krinkle”, this was a whole other mess… Seemingly is getting sorted out too for f2p.

If we consider above as “the norm” also for “Tuzi” then they actually have another week. Please be aware of the +1week of possibly collecting rewards after the playable part of the event is already locked to not falsely claim “should be’s”.

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Holiday event troops are available from chests 2-3 months after the event ends, like the Campaign content.

I do want to sort out a more solid chest release schedule we can share but it’s going to take some time to organise, you’ve beared with us so far so I appreciate it, thank you :pray:


Thank you, but we need a clarification about this:


Maybe we should make a list, research previous comments about release-times and also gather previous experiences - then ask for confirmation about it - and we’d probably still get confusing statements. :wink:


@Jeto Any news for “Tuzi”? Event ended 3 months ago.

completely false…

Event-play “ended” January 29.
Reward-claim “ended” February 5.

Never mind, it’s available:

I guess this means “4-5 weeks” is the correct timeframe?

Or it could mean nothing :sweat_smile:

At leastt during the first holiday event it was the “4-5 weeks after the holiday event ends” duration until stuff got added for f2p. When and why exactly after the first holiday event this got changed for the worse for f2p with “2-3 months after the event ends”- unknown.

How exactly will this proceed in the future? Why can’t we get proper information about such things implemented? :information_source: :question:

Any news about the “chest release schedule” you’ve been talking about (29+ days ago)? :clown_face: :surfing_man:

Could you help out? :zzz: :upside_down_face: