Lunar New Year Event: Lunar Revel

Which platform? They are disabled on Switch (reasons relating to Nintendo eShop rules or something) despite being obviously present on the UI.

@Stratelier I’m on PS5, I have logged a bug report and they are investigating. Looks like it’s just an issue with console I think at this stage.

isn’t all of Australia culturally inappropriate?

was that joke culturally inappropriate?


Same problem here on ps5,unable to buy golden holiday battles☹️

Again no can up pet to mythic.

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That’s because next Sunday (January 22nd) is the start of the new (lunar) year. Therefore the last free pet will be handed out on Sunday as always.

I need to emphasize that only Chinese New Year and Spring Festival are correct. Translating Chinese New Year into Lunar New Year is discriminatory and disrespectful to Chinese players.
And the Chinese text in the game says “农历节” instead of “新年”, “春节” and other correct Chinese titles.

A great part of Asia celebrates the Lunar New Year. This is clearly China-flavoured, but I don’t see where is the discrimination and disrespect.
Also, translation in all languages are wonky because how they are made.

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Krinklemas is also not how the Christian holidays are called.

It’s a Krystara version and certainly not meant to be disrespectful.

No surprise that there are mistakes in the Chinese version.

The German version always had mistakes, too. Some got corrected, I think, but probably not all.

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All of Shentang is, loosely.


Sadly, Australia Day has been appropriated by First Nations people as “Invasion Day.”

There’s a lot of things wrong with this, but I’ll mention just two:

  1. No massacres of aboriginals occurred on the 26th January 1788. Many horrible massacres occurred after this date.

  2. The national day of most countries commemorates a significant event that involved bloodshed. For many countries, this is an Independence Day from an occupying force (eg: Russia).

I do not blame First Nations people for being upset at the colonisation of their lands. I just don’t see the benefit of getting hung up on a particular day in the distant past and turning it into something worse than it was.

I would love to see a compromise that doesn’t alienate people, but I can’t see what that solution will look like now.

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I didn’t want to raise that point, but I agree that it’s an important consideration.

We all have a responsibility to acknowledge the past, and to be better, ourselves. But no individual can be held responsible for what another person did before they were even born.

That said, governments and nations do have a responsibility to acknowledge and mend the past. I think they have a much greater responsibility to improve the present and future (at which most seem to be failing rather badly). But the recently-fashionable term, “reparations,” is very dangerous territory. I refer people to what happened in Germany after the First World War, as a cautionary tale.

It’s hard to know how to finish this kind of post.

But it occurs to me that we’ve had a lot of evidence, recently, that the people making the most noise (in a number of countries) do not, in fact, represent the majority view. Indeed, there are many protests and violent events where the number of people supporting the protesters is a small multiple of those who were physically present. That is, if there’s 2,000 people at the protest, the total number of people in the country who actually agree with them may be fewer than 10,000. That’s not a lot of people, compared to a population of 20 million, or 200 million.

I try to revert to logic and common sense.

which is invasion and occupation of a sovereign territory in a war of aggression.
NOWADAYS we consider that a bad thing.
often that invasion came with a side dish of genocide.
doesn’t mean folks should feel guilty if their ancestors did it, but a nation itself can recognize it as a past wrong and take some steps to make amends.

we should not feel bad when a nation, a government, recognizes a past wrong and tries to rectify it in some way. nor should we oppose it.

in fact, lots of us would like to see the mobile games we play recognize a past wrong and try to rectify it.


Should they celebrate the stealing of their lands and the atrocities committed against them?

Of course it rubs them the wrong way.

It’s not what happened on that date but what the celebration signals to them.

Now you can’t blame people living today for what their ancestors did. But I’m sure there’s a way everyone can come together at some point. Not giving up hope (no matter what country).

One thing I personally don’t like at all is when people say that the indigenous people are better off because of the colonization. That’s western arrogance, thinking our culture and achievements and ways of living are the best. And it’s als not acknowledging that the indigenous people are usually not benefitting as much of the white dominated societies as white people do.

But that’s a very complicated topic, and if gems doesn’t want to touch that with a 10 foot pole and instead celebrate BBQ day or whatever then that’s totally fine.

Games are supposed to be a distraction, no?

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well, to be fair, we did give the world mobile games. gow, angry birds, etc.

…i am now picturing an Australian bushman [sorry if that’s a bad term], mostly naked, those neat sigils painted all over his body, spear at his side, sitting on a rocky outcrop in the middle of the outback with no one else around for miles, tapping furiously at his phone because an uberdoomskull match just dropped for the enemy.

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The wonders and joys of modern technology :star_struck: :star_struck:

Hey @Kafka – Heads up today logging in shows a discrepancy that may be a symptom of a bigger issue that will happen.

What is the real end date here?

Login Notice

Event area notice

Same thing happened with Krinklemas. Thought it was done by the Devs to extend the shop duration, since some people had to wait to get their currency back. Guess not. So it may be that the clock reset during week 2 of that event wasn’t intentional or is the cause of this issue.

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I believe this one is legit. If you remember what happened with the Krinklemess, the event itself ran for two weeks, and then the event shop stayed open to use any leftover event currency for the entire following week but without the ability to fight battles. I think it was part of the Holiday Update that they talked about this change to seasonal/holiday events. It was ostensibly in response to people fighting battles right up until weekly reset and not having time to purchase the shop exclusives afterwards.

So, that still being in play, this would be the last week to actually fight the battles, but the shop will stick around through the end of next week for similar reasons.


From last update patch notes:

" We have made some improvements to the Holiday Event.

  • We have changed it so the Holiday Event Shop will be available for 1 week after the event ends, so players are able to spend any left over event currency. (This allows players who were in battles when the event ended to still spend their currency)."