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Looking for chilled but fair guild

I’m looking for a new guild where everyone is a little more equal
My usual stats:
Level 1000+
All kingdoms 10 and all but one 5 stars
200-300k gold per week
Guild wars participation (50k points last week but very low bracket so hardly fair)
Roughly 150 trophies (gw plus enough to get pvp rank 1)
1500 seals
Looking for a chilled but fair guild


Sent you a pm :+1:

I thought all the druids were pc/mobile?

You are right, I didn’t even pay attention to the category. My apologies.

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Lol, we’re all replying quick to be first in :grin:

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Welcome to Quimby Marrington :+1:

He was with us for a good bit, excellent player indeed.


The UnWanted Knights are currently recruiting and LF high level active players, all we require is that you’re active, contribute, max out your seals for the week, and participate in Guild Wars

we complete all tasks, and reach the 40k seal mark

He’s already with us at Quimby :+1:

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