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Casual, active guild looking for new players

Winter Dragon is looking for new members. We are rank 101 in the league, usually in bracket 6 for guild wars. We usually collect 10,000+ seals per week, sometime over 20,000. No weekly requirements, except to be active. No level requirement to join. We know life happens, so if you plan to be inactive for more than a week, we ask that you give us a heads up. Currently we have 3 slots available.

If you would like to join let me know.

Are you still looking. I’m looking to leave my guild and join a more active one. I don’t know how it works but do I lose the seals I gained this week if I leave now or am I supposed to wait when the new week comes?

We are still looking. I think you lose the seals, but it’s fine. We don’t have weekly quotas or anything. Just require our members to stay active weekly. Send me you’re invite code and I’ll invite you.

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You keep your seals, they just don’t count towards your new guilds total :+1:t2:
Fwiw Winter Dragon was my first proper guild - glad to see you guys are still going…

hello I would like to join your guild if you have room still ,I’m active everyday and do all guild events.
don’t worry found a guild now but thank you anyway

Send me you invite code and I’ll invite you.

I still have slots available. Send me your invite code.

If you’re still looking i’m interested. I’m fairly new but active.

Send me your invite code. I’ll invite you.

PM me at IceAngelX

looking for a guild KINGANDREI1990_SRDV :grinning:

Tried to invite you, says your still in a guild.

i restarted my ps4, can i still get an invitation thx :sweat_smile:

He’s quimby’s guild leader

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Yup :grin: I think they meant to respond to someone else!

Invite sent :slight_smile: