Looking for active guild . Used to work on top 30

500k+ gold 1500 seals 200+ trophy
545 LvL all kingdoms 10 lvl (7 of them 5 stars)
Invite code - DAVE_89

Still looking? Honor guard has 1 opening. Our mins 522k, 1000s, 200t. LTs every week, 40k most weeks.


if you are still looking for a guild we, Drums of Krynn, have started a sisterguild to Drums of Thunder with a group of (very) active players who want to make the most of the coming Guild Wars. Levels is the group range from starters to 1050+. We started three days ago and are filling up nicely, but we have still got a few spots available. There is an invite ready in you mailbox if you’re interested.

To make the most of our collective experience we require the use of discord, where we share a server with Drums of Thunder, and activity in the Guild Wars.

If this sounds like something you like to do, just use that invite and have a look around. :slight_smile:

Dave has joined a guild :+1:

Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:

thanks both for your offers , I ve entered another guild

appreciate your help

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