Looking for active, competitive guild


Looking for a guild that is active and competitive. Current guild was ranked 442, but out of 25 member only myself and a few other were active. Tired of carrying the team.

Level 82 but fairly new, so don’t let that be a deterrent. Have dragon armor for gold farming, regularly hit pvp rank 1 each week and log in 4 - 5 times per week. Let me know what your requirements are and what your guild rank is. Thanks!


Hi there, don’t know if you had a guild all ready.
But I’ve send your an invite gor our Gilde.

We are not so many players in the but all are aktiv and we climb straight foward on the ranking.

So if you want your are welcome


If you’re still looking and if you’re an active player willing to contribute with monetary contributions and trophies, then my guild (Crimson Sky) will take you. We’re currently ranked 109 on the board. If you’re interested let me know your invite code


Still in previous guild but would be open to joining yours. Let me get a hold of you for an invite later tonight when I get home and can get on to drop out.


Sounds good to me! Just send me a message whenever you’re able to and I’ll send over the invite. Welcome to Crimson Sky :slight_smile: