Looking for a 49k+ guildwar teamplayer for rank six xbox guild


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hi thunder im lookin 4 a more active guild lvl 1067 atm 600+k donate, max seals and about 200-400 trophies . if u have a spot im normally on about 1000 mst.(az) … still in guild atm BOWMANSTERX62_ 41XK leave message ty vm .


500 trophies Would be nice ill inv u


Withdrawn, joined another


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Hey I am looking for a guild. I am recently back to the game and very active. Only level 626 but I make up for it in activity. Thanks

GT ohbenben


Ill give you a shot


Thank you! I’ll be online today. INV me whenever


Sent it sorry took so long busy busy


No worries, I got the invite but the game says invite pending. I’ll have to look into it tomorrow. Thank you!


Ok its guildwar week so i need to be sure youre in plz be in time to participatie also the tasks will be done monday morning so…


I apologize, but it is telling me error, join by invite only. And won’t allow me to join :confused:


Can you say hi in global


We were full for a bit but that was a mistake ill resend the inv


Ok try now ive resent or say hi Thunder in global


I’m at work. I can let you know as soon as I am home