Looking for a 49k+ guildwar teamplayer for rank six xbox guild


Ok hopefully itll work out


Dam Window for guildwar is closing hope u can make it


I’m not too sure why it won’t let me join. It keeps saying “error join by invite only” and in the guild window it says my invite is pending… it seems other people have had this issue before but they just say keep accepting invites. I’m not sure. Sorry to be wasting your time.


If you want someone to jump in before GW starts I would be interested. I’m just about done leveling all my kingdoms to 10 so i could at least donate 500k this week and should be able to reach 750k soon enough, 300 trophies and 1500 seals are no trouble. I’m level 739 but I’ve reached that after only starting the game about 3 weeks ago so 1000+ isn’t too far off.


Good morning whats ur invite code



I’ve just left my old guild so I’m ready for an invite right away.


Ok say hi in global plz


We are full now but i might still have a spot for you on sunday if you are interested


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Yo Ben are you still looking for a guild bump