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An Awesome Bunch #9 xbox guild needs a member

We r looking for a new member from rank 850 and up or realy active to play gems with most are very active play daily do all events and talk gems in party or guild chat and enjoy the game together we rank 9 in leader board and are in bracket 1 and 2 of guildwar and expect u to play with dedication we are a loyal bunch tho so if interested do aply to this thread cheers

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Does your guild complete all the weekly guild tasks ?
If yes, I’m interested. I’m currently rank 1045 and can contribute nicely to a guild. But I’m at work now, I’ll be home in 8 hours.

Yes already done whats ur inv code?

If I remember well Luthielle_LOEQ. But I must first leave my current guild. I’ll do that when I come back home from work.

Ok lemme know when ur at home :slight_smile:

I’m at home :slight_smile:

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