Looking for a 49k+ guildwar teamplayer for rank six xbox guild


Your probably level what?


Not at my game but 1070 ish. 300 trophies and 750k gold and 1500 seals easy. I do all raid boss, invasion, and guild wars. Play a couple of hours daily.


On a top 15 guild right now but they don’t want to do any events except gw


Im looking for a guild, level 203 very active. Gt x7x KESITO x7x


I had quit playing for quite some time but now that I’ve gotten back into it I’m realizing it’s harder to find an appropriate guild most aren’t very good and overly casual. Anyways I think I could make a solid addition to your guild my gt is Golden Coot 56. And my invite code is GORGOROTH_JDT5. Hope to hear back


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Are 300 Trophies and 750k Gold still the reqs?


Yes they are but not looking for ppl who do mins no offence more like 500 to a 1000t atm and kinda decent level but we do all things tasks events etc last week monday alone was good for 22 legendary tasks so…:grinning:


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Your not reply ing,im on holiday but runnin through others


Well, Level 1100+, playing daily, gws, raid and Invasion.
It’s not me, I am asking for someone else, who isnt registered here. We just noticed that some guilds in bracket 2 already have problems with activity, although beeing full, not all 30 members playing in guild wars and other things.


Hi ok thats a good level definately someone i would like having in the guild im on holiday but i can ask a member to invite if u want to give me the code to invite cheers​:grinning::+1:


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hi there ! i am looking for a PRO guild . i play 6 hours everydays , now level 710 . i started the game in february . i am doing all tasks and events , give 300K gold everyweeks . i am very serious player , and want to improve . my name is saunal edouard aka baryonic in the game . my invite code is ; EDOSAN_FWEF . please contact me if you need me


Hi are you still interested i need to kick one :grinning:


Edo it says u are still in a guild so u need to leave it first :+1:


Actually our reqs are 750k 300 trophies but 600 to a 1000t is what we realy want you to do


hi Thunder . yes , i am still in my old guild for the moment … i have to say goodbye to all before i quit . and i had contact with another guild too … so , you mean i have to leave my guild before being invited ? where can i find the screen mode in the game , to quit my old guild ? i couldnt find it … thanks


Guild tab press y then x to leave guild if you are as active as you say ill let u have a go becouse most do a milli gold weekly but u should get a decent amount of trophies so we ll see let me know if and when you want the invite :grinning: