Locked behind a paywall

I’m not sure what you mean with “5 weekly weapons”. I’m also not sure I understand your definition of “free”. Every weapon within the could be obtained just with in-game resources, without having to scale the paywall. Players that haven’t been around from the very beginning of the game have been asking for the same opportunity, because they paywall is by now several hundred $$$ high. The Q&A stream raised hopes, just to obliterate it once more today.


They were obtainable with in game currency, just like weapons that are going to be in rotation were also available with in game currency. If they are special put a 3x price on them, but have them available for another in game currency


Couple of things: 1) Stone Aegis, which was only available through event/bundles is available in the forge when i last checked, so there is one weapon there.
2) Putting in War & Peace means either a massive QA screwup by putting in a weapon you get anyway by completing a questline, or they want to take advantage of players who don’t know any better. I’m not sure which one is worse.


This explanation is very confusing to me. Does it mean that after a weapon is in the Soulforge (for “free”) once that it will only be offered for cash after that?

I thought the whole point was to remove the barriers to getting older weapons, especially for newer players who were not around when these weapons were first available, but without requiring them to pay $$$.


I wasn’t aware all the old weapons were once purchasable without $$$.

Yep. that whas what misa whas thinking.:+1:

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Massively disappointing decision by the devs, once again… After last week’s announcement I was feeling good about the future direction of the game to the extent that I decided to go up a VIP level after a long time, guess I should have known better and waited to see the implementation before rewarding them.

That text has been there from the beginning, it just wasn’t removed after the change… Elemental weapons there refers to the ‘fire sword/staff’ etc that used to be available in the weapons tab of the Soulforge.


On the one hand, I feel bad for complaining right after we got one of the most long-requested features in the game. I know I frequently do this, but on the receiving end, this probably feels like “No, you didn’t do it right, go back and do it again!”

On the other hand… yeah, these weapons are locked behind a paywall for the great majority of the playerbase, as very few of us were playing back in 2015. And also I feel like we need to complain about it now if we want any kind of relevant response before the end of the year, or anything even approaching a solution before 2021, if ever.

On the other other hand, another portion of the stream already stated that the stuff currently available in the weekly $5 deal wouldn’t appear in the soulforge, so maybe we really should have been complaining harder last week, because this is exactly as planned. Which will likely mean a lot of futile complaining at the current implementation where the issue has to be fought tooth and nail because its not like they (they meaning publisher and devs, collectively, blame shifting to a different entity on their side of the fence doesn’t change the fact that it is the way it is, and the way it is, currently, a hard paywall on game content) can’t do it this way, they (likely mostly being publisher, here) just wont.

And yeah:

“Cause we said it would be glory this week only before” is one of the weakest justifications I’ve ever heard. Seeing things like this shifts me from being annoyed at seeing some “feature” that could probably be implemented better but could use more polish to angry at the extremely weak justification for player-unfriendly practices. Normally, I like to post when I can offer some kind of insight or a possible solution, but these kind of thing have me complaining for the sake of complaining. It is very clear why we don’t like this. It was clear before they even decided to do it this way. I can’t even offer a solution here, because the solution is “maybe don’t paywall game content? Pretty clear this is against the core design philosophy of your lead designer anyway” and the response is “lol nope, you have to pay cash because we said it was glory only this week on some forum post three years before you even knew the game existed”.

A better response would be that they don’t really see them as “game content”. The weapons are generally incredibly weak and non-essential, a great majority of them approaching the state of trophy items that don’t have any salient impact on core gameplay. Thus, it would be an “acceptable practice” to sell them for money, because they are inventory collectibles, little more than decorations, and not “game content”. However, this would still be a “half truth” rationlization as they are still things that can be used in the core gameplay, some of them are actually pretty effective, and while it isn’t really a problem now, they can potentially cap kingdom power in the future. But, you know, slightly less insulting to our intelligence.

Well, all I can do now is leave my official stamp of “I don’t like this”.

And do this:


Also Sirrian:


Boy I wish I got a free flash offer every time this happened.

I think for some reason I had assumed the unique flash offers coming in ~3 weeks time for an Event weapon you don’t already own would replace the $5 weapons in the ‘Weekly Event’ part of the Shop (e.g. Deepstone).

Rewatching, I didn’t see any indication of that, though, so it doesn’t seem too likely. I do still think it would be a good/acceptable solution, however! (So if that’s the case please let us know :stuck_out_tongue:)

Seriously this thing is almost 4 years old and wasn’t that great to begin with - can it really not be in the Soulforge?

I’ll have more to say later (after my stream), but just jumping in to clarify a few points.

No other quest weapons or mastery weapons will be in the Soulforge. War & Peace is an odd one, and though it is obtainable via quest, is still considered in our system as an event weapon.

Thanks for the response - will it be the case in the future that more than one kingdom weapon will be available each week in the Soulforge? Seems like there should be plenty of space with the other 12 now rotating in and out, but I’m not an expert.

I think this was meant to be a reply to this thread?

That one is talking about War & Peace availability as a “newbie tap”, this one is talking about certain weapons being permanently paywalled (from here on out). Same system, different issues.

Ok so now Im confused as all hell about the way this entire thing is working.

The way I understood it:

All weapons that are not obtainable through normal gameplay, eg quest rewards, hero weapons, will not be obtainable through soul forge.

All weapons that are not included in that will be added to the rotation except those that are through the paid option which is not coming for another month where 1 of the weapons is picked that the user does not own, random for everyone, and is offered as a 24 hour flash sale. No idea what happens to the weapon after the sale though.


Some weapons are added, rest are for cash only.

Sirrians comment on not locking us behind a paywall had me very happy, as a basically free to play player, that I will be able to eventually get every weapon with just in game currency. This makes me think that it wont happen at all, and that as I only have 4 more weapons to go, they will be picked as a flash sale, and I will only be able to get them through spending real cash that I do not have available to spend on a weapon that as it stands, is not worth getting outside of completionist mentality as they are under powered compared to what is currently available.

All I want, and I think others want as well, is confirmation that the system that is being changed to, will not force us to spend money on the game and therefore lock us behind a paywall, but will allow us to get the weapons through patience and in game currency only.

If this is not the case, then whats gonna happen when the random weapon picked to pay for is Rope Dart, 1 of the most widely wanted weapons currently, and those people are unable to get it without spending cash on the game?? It might as well not be there for a lot of people then as they cant afford to spend money on the game, and having it there teasing them in a free to play game, is completly not fair, and if that was the intention then the system should never have been added. No solution is better than a half a solution that only helps some and is designed to make people pay for content


The basic premise should’ve been a no-brainer, really:

weapon type 1 consists of Xathenos and Dawnbringer related items - always available in the Soulforge;
weapon type 2 consists of reward related items (mastery, quests, 250 wins) - never available in the Soulforge;
weapon type 3 consists of every other item - available in the Soulforge on rotating basis.


I’ve made a new thread with this information for ease of access, but am also reposting the information here.

I, like almost everyone else, interpreted the statement differently when it was made on stream. The promise was that “These weapons will not be available for Glory” is not violated by making them available for Diamonds; spending Diamonds (a highly limited resource that I could be spending to obtain Mythics) is a much higher cost than obtaining them for Glory was. That higher threshold should be more than enough “punishment,” as it were. It’s not like you’re giving them away for free, people who already have the weapons aren’t going to feel bad.

Keeping these weapons out of the store is hypocritical. There is a video earlier in this thread of Sirrain, under no uncertain terms, that they “don’t like locking away any of the game content away.”


There’s a lot of things I don’t like to do but still have to… because… maybe… possibly… Someone says I have to.

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I thought exactly like you did. I wonder if the 4.4 update will bring any modifications to the Soulforge interface.