Locked behind a paywall

23 minutes 02 seconds if time stamp isn’t working
^ @Sirrian saying “I don’t want to keep content locked behind a paywall”

^ locked behind a paywall

Cryemoji cryemoji cryemoji


Also note that instead of the Deepstone that everybody wanted the Soulforge contains War & Peace, which everybody already owns due to it being the free reward for completing the Khaziel quest line.


It’s a sad day for Gems of Warers.

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I really disagree with War and Peace being available in the forge when if I remember right. It’s kinda tricky to get. A player has to complete 2 separate quest lines to get it.
The bottom caption is misleading and will make folks think it’s exclusive to the forge.
I mean wth is an elemental weapon anyway?

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I summon ye, @Sirrian.

Duration: 360 seconds, 50 Magicka, Conjuration Magic: 100

What have I done? This isn’t Skyrim.

It’s Gems of War! I need more Diamonds. Will get a bit more Diamonds each week from now on?

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Leaving aside the inane placement of War and Peace in the Soul Forge, I do expect additional sources of diamonds. Simple power creep (which the devs are aware of, and satisfied with) suggests that new resources should be easier to obtain as time passes.


If only people had been pointing out this exact thing years ago, maybe the devs could’ve seen the unrest around their weapon paywalls coming.

I imagine this’ll just feel worse once the flash offers for weapons come.

If only over the years players had had multiple good ideas for how to do this without money.


It’s a shame - I was looking forward to crafting and experimenting with Deepstone. And I’ve paid for some weapons, but this one isn’t worth it to me.


I was actually waiting for deepstone. Ahh sux


Not sure why people thought old pay for weapons would be free. They’re not very good anyways, and I only bought them for my collection.

“Free” as in “costing a substantial pile of resources also required to craft mythic troops”. The recent Q&A stream seemed to suggest this would be the way forward. I guess we still need to learn to read every official bit of communication in the worst way possible.

They gate kingdom power at higher levels. The epic ones are considered valuable because you won’t ever use them, meaning you can “upgrade” them without regret. Not everybody likes their favorite weapons turning into random board manipulators.


What people expected was:

“Weapons that are no longer obtainable will be reintroduced to the game via both large resource costs and paid transactions.”

What people did not expect was:

“The devs will attempt to charge money for weapons that are obtainable by completing a kingdom’s quests as early as level 5.”

I don’t know why we didn’t expect this.


I really hope that they plan to increase the Diamonds stashes across the board a bit to compensate.

I won’t say anything more until we get some official feedback.

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The weapons that cost $$$ to buy were always going to still cost $$$ to buy, the forge was for missed event weapons.

The weapons that cost $$$ to buy were originally released as part of an event and available for glory. Note that Divine Protector (and possibly others?) also made an appearance in the cash shop.


Here’s what Kafka said on Discord, I still don’t think this is what people wanted and I can’t be bothered to go figure out which weapons fall under this:



Kafka is incorrect. Those old event weapons were on a weekly rotation in the glory shop, a lot of them showed up more than once. I’d really prefer them just saying “yeah, we figured that most players don’t own the very oldest event weapons, so putting them behind a paywall provides the biggest cash opportunity”. It’s probably just me, I’m just sick of all these half truths to justify unpopular measures.


Good luck with that, unless this thread evolves into a very major shitstorm official feedback is the very last thing you should expect.

I get some people aren’t happy. You expected one thing and got another. I’m just glad I have the option to get something I missed.

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Most of the 5 weekly weapons were never free, and I don't mean the event weapons. I'm only missing 2 weapons because I buy the weekly 5 weapons.