Leveling Bug - Level 300, 6x50 Gem Colors, Green one 49 instead

What happened?
When I reached Level 300, I saw the statistical screen for the Level up, all 6 Mana Colors were set at 50 points, I think that I selected the yellow one from 49 to 50, but I am not sure. It could have been a green one instead.
When I checked the Hero’s screen a few moments later, I noticed that the amount of Green Mana colour is 49 instead of 50.

How to replicate this bug?
Reach Level 300 with the Warlord class.

Presented evidence: Yes, with a forum post here and on Steam.
I have some evidence, when it first happened, I posted it on Steam. A video is also there.


Steam Forum post:

I think its because you start off with 0 masteries at level 1. So at level 300 you gain 299 points which is 50x5+49

Well, the Hero’s Level Up screen had all 6 Mana colors at 50, because I always wanted to have an even distribution, I mean, when I selected the one with 49 to 50. If your assumption would be correct, then it would have to show 48 instead of 49 for one mana colors. I do not know for sure.

I’m over level 1500. You get your last mastery boost at level 1501. And yes, they are now, and forever will be, uneven.

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This, for some reason, upsets me very deeply…

@saltypatra please can you appeal to @sirrian to make allowances - there will surely be a massive correlation with the player base with obsessive collector personalities that will really really really want to end up with their masteries even…

Perhaps from level 1500 onwards allow Masteries to keep increasing but at each level up show the two lowest Masteries not the predetermined cycle… (diminishing returns in the mastery surge formula mean that these ever bigger numbers shouldn’t break any gameplay)

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